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Stephen Morales

October 4, 2013

My new wind chime is going to be a couple bars across with cans hanging down to create sounds. I had to create a song based on random sounds. I was working on this song before the project was even due.


Luke Nassif

October 4, 2013

Overpopulation Wind Chime
I. Issue
A. Overpopulation in cities
B. I see a potential for people from different countries flocking to big cities in the United States for the better opportunities, but this migration will clog cities and ultimately take away the good qualities of the cities.
II. Inspiration
A. I saw the movie Elysium, and the movie displayed Los Angeles years after opening up the borders of the United States. Los Angeles was entirely different from what we know now. The city was densely overpopulated, and diseases and poverty were widespread. Life was miserable for the people of Los Angeles.
III. Design
A. Atomic Structure
B. Essentially I would have an atom in which there is a dense nucleus with spread out moving electrons on the exterior of the nucleus.
C. I would have a bunch of plastic forks or spoons making up the nucleus. These items within the nucleus would not have a large range of movement, and the plastic would not resonate well. Then on the outskirts of this nucleus I would have metal objects which would be spread out. These objects would bang into each other and would actually make harmonious noises.
IV. Metaphore
A. The dense nucleus, which doesn’t make harmonious noises would symbolize an overpopulated city in which people are so packed that they can’t prosper.
B. However the “electrons” on the outskirts of the atoms would make noise symbolizing that humans can prosper and live harmoniously when they aren’t so densely packed.

Joseph Brown

October 4, 2013

I. Issue
Over Consumption
Many items that we use day to day are useful often used once then they are thrown away. Plastic water bottles are a big waste item that become a large waste item.
II. Inspiration
I go through a large amount of water bottles a week.
I want to start to cut back on using these wasted items.
III. Design
I collected most of the plastic bottles and aluminum cans that I used over the course of a week.
The bike rim would have many recyclables tied to it an ia circular shape. The bottles would have many office consumables inside as rattles.
IV. Metaphor
Collecting these consumables for a week showed me how much I use these products and how wasteful I am.
I wanted a wheel of some sort to represent a circle like the recycling symbol. Also, I tied the plastic bottles in a circle. People use a large amount of plastic items, office supplies, cans, etc. They are considered consumable items and usually are not disposed of properly. My chime is meant to be a metaphor to recycle more and dispose of things properly. Collecting these consumables for a week showed me how much I use these products and how wasteful I am.

Graham Moffet

October 4, 2013

My wind chime is made out of glass bottles hanging from ordinary items that one would find around the house. Inside the glass bottles are things that represent some of our different sources of energy. Some of these sources are very harmful to the environment, and some are not. Hopefully, we can start to move away from these harmful sources of energy and embrace some of the less harmful sources.

Erik Godlewski

October 4, 2013

My project depicts the sustainability issue of airlines causing major pollution. I am also depicting the issue of fuel costs going up due to expanding airlines. My planes start out slow, with the monotonous sound of an engine in the background. Then the chimes begin to sound, representing a cash register. The cash register symbolizes the money going towards fueling airlines. The planes start to go faster, representing the aggression of new airline companies. Eventually the planes go at the highest speed, and the chimes are sounding even faster. The engine is going faster and eventually gives out, which brings the planes to a stop.

A.J. Smith

October 4, 2013

Ice Wind Chime

Idea: I, with some assistance, will create a wind chime that symbolizes the horrible outcomes of Global Warming. In Global Warming one of the outcomes is the melting of the polar icecaps. It affects all the organisms; not only the ones on land, but also in the sea. I want to create a set of wind chimes that will translate the impact that Global Warming has on this planet.

Plastic and paper cups with water
metal, curvable wires
metal gong to work as chimes holder
durable string
Various pieces of a car engine and other car parts

Fill plastic and paper cups with water
place metal wire in water
let freeze for days
Tie car pieces to chimes holder with string
After water is completely frozen, hook metal wires onto chime holder
Overtime, the ice will melt, representing how Global Warming will melt all the ice until there is nothing left.

Though the idea that Global Warming is not believed by everybody, no one can not accept the fact that the polar icecaps are melting, and in the future, there is a strong chance that they will no longer exist. This project, which might spring up controversy, will be made to show that if we as a people don’t do something quickly, all the ice will melt and leave nothing.

Brennan Kandalaft

October 4, 2013

My wind chime represents the declining amount of food we have for our growing population. I made the chime part out of broken beer bottles so that they represent the food and consumption part of the project. The pieces of glass are tapered in length so that they represent the richer people who can get plenty of food and the poorer ones at the bottom. The ones at the top are fewer then the ones at the bottom, because there are not as many rich people as poor people.

Matthew Rafeedie

October 4, 2013

John Michael Richards

October 4, 2013

Artists statement:

Lights pollution is a problem in any large city or town. My piece tries to conceptually display this problem. When you look into the box, this symbolizes looking out into space. On the inside of the box, there are different objects that make strange sounds and strike curiosity in anyone. When looking into the box, all you are able to see is bright lights, yet you know that there is so much more behind the walls of box. This represents not being able to see our galaxy and stars at night.

Lorenzo Poto

October 4, 2013

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