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Luke Nassif

October 4, 2013

Overpopulation Wind Chime
I. Issue
A. Overpopulation in cities
B. I see a potential for people from different countries flocking to big cities in the United States for the better opportunities, but this migration will clog cities and ultimately take away the good qualities of the cities.
II. Inspiration
A. I saw the movie Elysium, and the movie displayed Los Angeles years after opening up the borders of the United States. Los Angeles was entirely different from what we know now. The city was densely overpopulated, and diseases and poverty were widespread. Life was miserable for the people of Los Angeles.
III. Design
A. Atomic Structure
B. Essentially I would have an atom in which there is a dense nucleus with spread out moving electrons on the exterior of the nucleus.
C. I would have a bunch of plastic forks or spoons making up the nucleus. These items within the nucleus would not have a large range of movement, and the plastic would not resonate well. Then on the outskirts of this nucleus I would have metal objects which would be spread out. These objects would bang into each other and would actually make harmonious noises.
IV. Metaphore
A. The dense nucleus, which doesn’t make harmonious noises would symbolize an overpopulated city in which people are so packed that they can’t prosper.
B. However the “electrons” on the outskirts of the atoms would make noise symbolizing that humans can prosper and live harmoniously when they aren’t so densely packed.

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