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October 4, 2013

Ice Wind Chime

Idea: I, with some assistance, will create a wind chime that symbolizes the horrible outcomes of Global Warming. In Global Warming one of the outcomes is the melting of the polar icecaps. It affects all the organisms; not only the ones on land, but also in the sea. I want to create a set of wind chimes that will translate the impact that Global Warming has on this planet.

Plastic and paper cups with water
metal, curvable wires
metal gong to work as chimes holder
durable string
Various pieces of a car engine and other car parts

Fill plastic and paper cups with water
place metal wire in water
let freeze for days
Tie car pieces to chimes holder with string
After water is completely frozen, hook metal wires onto chime holder
Overtime, the ice will melt, representing how Global Warming will melt all the ice until there is nothing left.

Though the idea that Global Warming is not believed by everybody, no one can not accept the fact that the polar icecaps are melting, and in the future, there is a strong chance that they will no longer exist. This project, which might spring up controversy, will be made to show that if we as a people don’t do something quickly, all the ice will melt and leave nothing.

What do you think?

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