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Kelly Harlan

October 4, 2013


David Reed

October 3, 2013


These wind chimes will include a multitude of different objects and materials, all things that can be found easily in most cases. All the items will be made of wood and metal, and each piece will be completely varied. No two parts will be the same.


This varied mix of differing objects and materials will portray the feeling of diversity that is required. The reason for this diversity is to explain how the earth is slowly losing many of its numerous species. Every year 10,000 species go extinct on average. This is magnitude of degradation upon the earth that is mostly derived from human activities is horrendous and must come to an end. The metals and wood are there to symbolize two very necessary and non-renewable resources. Both of these sources of natural capital are diminishing from the planet at a rapid rate.


The initial base of the chimes will be fashioned out of some type of wood and will have strings attached around its edges. These strings will then feature many metallic objects that dangle freely but are connected firmly to the strings. The metallic pieces will include computer parts, random scrap metal, and other various but accessible components.

Zachary Profozich

October 3, 2013

My wind chime represents coral reefs. The colorful side symbolizes living coral while the white side symbolizes the dying coral. It is made of spare pieces of PVC pipe from my house and the tape is also extra.

Aidan McOsker

October 3, 2013

Millions of dollars each year are wasted on the melting down and reforming of glass bottles. If the companies that made these bottles all agreed on a common shape and color, they could save so much money. My project reflects the need for uniformity in color and shape in the glass bottle making industry.

Gilmore Augustus

October 3, 2013

Everyday, nearly forty percent of the 4.4 billion tons of food produced in the United States is wasted each year. Shelved food within an average supermarket or restaurant is thrown away at an alarming rate, showing the inefficiency of the food distribution industry. My wind chime addresses this issue, using various pieces of silverware and small trinkets suspended by a hanger. The various silverware are representations of this issue.

Joseph Castelan

October 3, 2013

Recycling is something that a lot of people do not do. Plenty of reusable materials find themselves in landfills and interfere with nature. Where I live however, people actively collect recyclable bottles and cans. Unfortunately, most of these people are doing it for the wrong reasons and neglecting other forms of recycling. My wind chime was made from things that would normally be considered trash: glass bottles, old nails, fishing line, and a hanger.

Andy Begazo

October 3, 2013


Sustainability is the capacity to endure, so my mom, who has cancer, would be great inspiration for my project. My mom has to constantly endure and keep herself healthy everyday without any breaks. The chime’s frame is a heart, and various things that represent moms in general. Also, the CD’s that are hanging down say “Love” in 6 different languages. The nails represent my mom holding me together, even when the times are rough. Also, the forks and spoons represent the nourishment that my mom provides for me. In all, the chime is a representation of my mom and all the things that she provides for me.

Luke Hardesty

October 3, 2013

eWaste Windchime
I created a Windchime using fishing line, electrical cord, batteries, aluminum cans, and non-functioning speakers. The idea came to me because people typically do not dispose of batteries and other electronic devices properly and cause pollution unlike any other. I created this chime in hopes of raising awareness in this issue that most people have not even heard of. After I created the windchime I sampled it using the app “Yellofier” and created an entire piece using just the sample with different edits.

Austin reynolds

October 3, 2013

Glass bottle wind chime
My wind chime is a bottle with objects hanging of the top. It makes sound when those objects hit the chime. The objects are nails, screws, and washers that collide with the bottle. The objects represent the work that is needed to obtain a bottle of water. For some people this might be easy, but for others there is a surprising amount of difficulty endured to get something as intrinsic as water.

Andrea Calabria

October 3, 2013

​My idea is to portray how both human and environmental sustainability are interlaced. I created a life sized person made from trash. There person will appear to be dead or dying. To incorporate the wind chime aspect of the project people will throw things at it (more trash or maybe rocks) to create sound. It symbolizes how we’re hurting the environment, but we are the environment so we’re also hurting our selves. The stoning of the project adds an interattive but gory aspect.

By Andrea Calabria

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