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In a Landscape by John Cage was written for the dancer Louise Lippold in 1948. The structure of the piece follows the rhythmic patterns dance of the choreography for which it was composed.

A modal composition, the patterns alternate between a mode in B and a mode in G. With the use of both the soft and sustain pedals, Cage creates music that seems to suspend time. There is clearly an aesthetic indebtedness to Erik Satie. The score notes that the piece may be played on the harp or piano.

The recording comes from an annual concert I give at St. Andrews, Fullerton. The video is made of beautiful VJ loops I found at by David Montgomery. I chose a stop-motion dandelion as the primary image, then layered in the other images by rolling a die for the length of the clip and inserting them into the film with the same die roll.


In a Landscape: John Cage

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This is a truly beautiful performance and recording. In a Landscape is one of my favorite pieces of music and this makes me wish I was there at that performance.

Yumin Kim

March 25, 2013

Thank you very much! I appreciate your comment so much. Are you a musician? Not many people know this piece, much less count it as one of their favorites!


March 25, 2013

Dear Stephen, your playing is truly beautiful somehow reminds me of the sparkling sea where a small wind goes through and makes it sparkel together with the sun.
Do you know anything about the dancer ot is there any publication about what she did with that piece?
I ‘m a asked by a japanese pianiste to dance “the music”, which I never did before; basically I dance without music, music comes much later. Anyhow I was thinking about walking start from there, also the different space levels.
I could not find any information about Louise Lippold

Thank you and be present for us with beauty


Henny Beyer

February 10, 2015

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