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Sound Art: Parthenocarp- Drones with Drills and Cucumber Plants

According to their website:

‘Parthenocarp’ is a sound art installation which consists out of 3 one string instruments. The sound of the 3 instruments is creating a ‘drone’ which is changing in a very slowly way by the growth of the cucumbers. Each string is vibrating by the touch of a wooden wheel which is slowly turning around by a drill behind each instrument.
Because each cucumber has it’s own speed of growing, the tone of each instrument is changing in it’s own way. Therefore the drone is constantly changing into harmony and dis-harmonie…
The work refers to the changing urban plans of Alkmaar during the last 50 years. It changed from an agricultural area into an industrial area and is now being changed into a residential region.

dimension: length of each instrument: 4,5 meter
materials: cucumber plants, water, sodium lights, drill machines, ply
-wood, metal, steel strings.
year: 2010
exhibition: Kunsteyssen, Alkmaar, Netherlands

concept, production and design: Ronald van der Meijs


Sound Art: Parthenocarp- Drones with Drills and Cucumber Plants

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