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Fantastic ’70’s Album Art: Classical Analogs to “Whipped Cream and Other Delights”

July 27, 2011 , , , , , , ,

Reading Stephen Eddins blogpost about the ’70’s album art of the label Westminster Gold reminded me of my time working at Tower Records.

I worked the classical room at the end of the LP era. One of the best things about full-size albums was the extravagant packaging! The recordings of Bach Cantatas I bought by Nikolas Harnoncourt each came with full liner-notes and a facsimilie score of the works recorded!

in the ’70’s, the budget label, Westminster Gold, bought some extraordinary recordings and hired art director Christopher Whorf to create some of the most memorable album art ever.

Some of the most outrageous include:

As the cd-craze began to fade in the ’90’s, strange marketing ploys began to appear like Sony’s cd’s for different times of the day- Breakfast with Bach and other such things. But these things seemed somewhat cynical and, as we now know, desperate to preserve a business model that would ultimately fail.


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