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Thoughts on the Impact Border’s Bankruptcy will have on Classical Music Sales

July 23, 2011 , , , ,

With the demise of the bookseller Borders, another brick-and-mortar classical music outlet goes down the tubes. Not that I ever regularly bought a Classical music cd at Borders.

Borders’ classical stock was always haphazard at best. Still, since cd-tracks have less compression than most things you can buy online, I would occasionally pick one up as an impulse buy.

What I really miss is the social aspect of classical buying. I worked in the classical room of Tower Records from my junior year of high school through college. In addition to the hours of listening I was able to do, I had regular customers who liked to come and talk in-depth about the music they had discovered. It was through my exchanges with them that my tastes and experiences were formed.

Similar things happen for me online- the range of serendipity is greater, but I miss seeing people face-to-face and experiencing the passion they have for music directly. It is much too easy to project tone onto the social network posts I read.

Even though online purchasing is much more convenient and the selection is many times greater, I miss the direct personal interaction.

I find myself haunting our local Borders in an attempt to recreate the Tower Records experience- but I don’t have friends there. The employees I’ve met are not enthusiasts like the Tower employees were.

I love the online shopping experience- but it hasn’t really been able to duplicate the community I had at Tower.

It may be a dinosaur, but long live Amoeba!


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