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Soundwalk 2011 project: Krapp’s Last Tape- the application is in!

July 2, 2011 , , ,

The deadline for Soundwalk 2011 passed this Friday. Over the past two years, I have submitted my Music Appreciation Classes’ Electronic Music Projects to the Soundwalk Sound Art Festival in Long Beach. Both times we were accepted and presented! The LBPost columnist Sander Wolff wrote a terrific piece about us last year!

Usually, I submit last year’s project to the festival. This year, I am trying something new- I created a project that my second semester students will have the background to execute.  We are creating an electronic sound installation inspired by the Samuel Beckett play, “Krapp’s Last Tape”.

Participants will place tapes on a glass table one at a time. On the tapes are recordings from moments in the students’ lives. I will ask them to record sounds from old home movies, if possible. On top of the table will be two large lidded glass jars. The recorded sound will emanate from the jars. To better hear the sound, participants will lift the lids. The shape of the jars will emphasize certain overtones in the sound shrouding the sounds in an ethereal effect. Moving the cassettes around on the table will further influence the sound and pan between the jars.

The piece explores our relation to memory and the effect of time on our connection to the past-events in our lives.

We will create the project at Loyola High School in September, regardless of whether or not we are accepted into the festival.

Now the hunt begins in thrift stores for objects to decorate our set!


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